Boarding Services

Full Care Boarding $375/Month

Dusty Chaps Farm, LLC. offers full-care boarding only.  Each horse is assigned a stall and is cared for as if they are our own horse.  

Boarding Includes:

  • Stall
  • Grain 2x per day.
  • Hay in stall (and in field when necessary).
  • Access to fresh water 24/7.
  • Salt block.
  • Bedding (straw).
  • Stall cleaning.
  • Turn-out (weather permitting), Bring in.
  • Blanketing, Fly sheet, Fly mask, Fly spray, Sunscreen application (owner provides supplies).


The main barn at Dusty Chaps features eight 12 x 12 stalls with bars on 3 sides and Dutch doors to the outside.  Each stall is equipped with two water buckets and a salt block holder.  Feeders or rubber pans are provided. The barn is designed for maximum air flow.

A large 12 foot wide aisle in the center of the barn is ideal for grooming and tacking up.  4 sets of cross ties are available for use.

At the front of the barn, a large tack storage area is available for everyone's use.  Additionally, tack trunks may be stored in the aisle (limit 1 per horse).

A smaller 2-stall barn may be rented out by boarders with 2 horses (when available) for $700/Month.  The small barn is an Amish built row barn with a small feed/tack room separating the stalls.  Bars line the top of the inside walls of the stalls to allow for air flow and for the horses to see each other.  A private paddock and pasture are assigned to this barn.

Pastures: Four pastures are used at the same time to keep the horses in small groups. We find that the smaller groups are ideal for good herd behavior.

The Arena: The riding arena measures approximated 66' x  110' with natural footing.  Plastic barrels and jumps are available  and in the arena for everyone's use.

Roundpen: A horse grade round pen is available for everyone's use. Natural footing.

Water hydrants are available by every pasture and barn.  

Trail Access

Dusty Chaps Farm, LLC., is conveniently located across the street from the Norman G. Wilder Wildlife Area.  In this area, the C& R Center maintained and non-maintained horse trails go for miles and miles.  A short ride off the farm connects you to these trails.

Additionally, local land owners have given permission for us to ride along their properties as long as we do not disturb their crops and hunting.